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I was listening to this… and it kind of made me think of the Gangreen Gang.


…Just ignore my blabbing here. I’ve been watching too much PPG…

Emotionally shatter my muse. Break them. Hurt them. Give them a nightmare that will haunt them. Make them cry. Make me regret asking you for this!



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Kenny had been drinking with his boyfriend for about an hour, and he was pleasantly drunk, so bubbly. He didn’t know why he felt this way, but his dorky smile showed his emotions clearly as he crawled to his lap.

Ace always sat like this, on the counter so his long legs would dangle comfortably, and he loved it, because he always got to sit with him on it - or more accurately; on him. His hands traveled to his lover’s longer ones and intertwined with his fingers; smiling at how similar their skins were, he kissed at his neck slowly. He said nothing; because nothing needed to be said. He loved the moments like this as they were, silent declarations of love without any extra padding.

The two knew what the other was trying to say, without even saying it. And that was the beauty of this relationship. 

Ace closed his eyes, his arms around Kenny’s waist tightening their grip. He loved sitting like this. Kenny always got on him, and he could hold him with no shame. He had the excuse of preventing him from falling. It was an excuse he didn’t use anymore.

He kissed at Kenny’s shoulder, giving him another squeeze. He wanted to laugh. To giggle at how perfect this was. A year of hell and he was back to being with his lover. A year of hell and his hands could wrap around Kenny. He could kiss him again.

That was what really mattered to him.



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mija sleep

but you need my company bro


She sighed, fingers drumming on his chest.

"Thank you for coming over," she mumbled softly, heaving a phlegmy sigh. "Not even Bebe was willing to put up with my sick ass."

He chuckled, holding her close. “Damn, not even her? Well glad to be your knight in shining armor then, babe.” He sat back. 

"Do you need any uh…Medications or some shit?"

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The Gang’s Hideout: ask-wendy-testaburger: The Gang’s Hideout: Starter for…




The Gang’s Hideout: Starter for ace-the-leader


He sighed, picking her up. He carried her to the couch and sat her down on it, taking a blanket and putting it on her shivering form.

"God, Wends, you’re fucking pathetic right now!" He snickered….

She sipped at her tea gingerly, replying quickly, “Definitely. So sit with me.”

Wendy pulled up her legs to make room for him, sniffling and chewing on her lip. She patted the seat insistently.

He chuckled and sat next to her, facing her. 

"Jesus, you’re a wreck. You’re lucky I came here." He grinned. “Not that I’d leave you ta’ die or nothin’. You just seem a step away from dyin’."

She placed her mug on the table beside them and crossed her arms. Her hair was a mess, there were dark circles under her eyes, and she blatantly looked terrible. Wendy reached her arms out for him all of a sudden, as though for a hug.


He grinned at her and pulled her close to his chest, holding her. He sighed. “Shaddup, you know you love me.” He grinned down at her.

He held her like that for a while, running his fingers through her messy hair and rubbing her back.